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Sara Koprolces



Office: 269-352-1986

Fax: 269-204-2530

Surrounded by the natural beauty of Mattawan, my family and I find great joy in exploring the outdoors and embracing the adventures of travel. My journey into healthcare was ignited by a deeply personal experience – the exceptional compassion shown to my grandmother during her care. This early exposure to the power of empathetic healthcare profoundly influenced my career direction. I embarked on my professional path as a Resident Care Aide, progressively advancing to leadership roles in the healthcare sector while diligently pursuing my academic degree.

My career trajectory brought me into contact with Dan and Justin at Care-N-Assist, an encounter that, although not immediately fruitful, eventually opened the door to an extraordinary opportunity with HomeJoy in 2019. My commitment to aiding others has been a constant driving force in my life, further strengthened by the loving care my grandmother received.

I am passionate about fostering joy, sharing enriching stories, and crafting memorable experiences. As the franchise owner of HomeJoy in Allegan and Van Buren Counties, I am eager to extend this spirit of joy and care to you and your loved ones, enhancing lives with every interaction.

Best Regards,

Sara Koprolces


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